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The Obesity Prevention project offers many resources for its Physician Champions. Current toolkits and resources include our School Presentation Toolkit, Speaker’s Bureau Manual and various Power Point presentations.

bullet Health Policy Communication

This presentation is provided by the Kaiser Family Foundation as a resource guide for medical providers to use when addressing the media. The oridinal web tutorial can be found at

bulletHealth and Zoning Talking Points

Zoning can promote land uses that allow and encourage individuals to make healthy choices - or it can do just the opposite. Decisions made about the built environment have profound implications for human health. Zoning decisions can affect the rate of injuries and chronic disease, as well as the ability of seniors to age in palce.

bulletSafe Streets Equal Good Health Talking Points

Complete streets are designed and operated to enable safe access for all users. Pedestrians, bicyclists, motorists, and transit riders of all ages and abilities must be able to safely move along and across a complete street.

bullet Walking to School is a Healthy Habit Talking Points

Promoting walking to children builds lifelong healthy habits, and normalizes walking as a part of the family's lifestyle. Creating environments that allow children to walk safely to school will improve health outcomes for children, potentially reducing asthma, obesity, and injury rates.

bullet Healthy Eating and Physical Activity Key Messages

Key messages focus on building partnerships between communities, school, local government and physicians; Equipping communities with access to affordable, nutritious food and sage spaces for physical activity; and preventing obesity by eating fruits and vegetables and being physically active.

Physicians for Healthy Communities Toolkit
The Physicians for Healthy Communities Toolkit provides physicians with the tools necessary to address the obesity epidemic in their community. The toolkit covers topics including strategies for working with schools, tips for presenting to community groups, and obesity prevention talking points and Power Point presentations.
bullet Medi-Cal Nutrition Education Toolkit

The Medi-Cal Nutrition Education Toolkit provides health plans with ideas and resources for addressing the obesity epidemic with their Medi-Cal health plan members. This toolkit contains a collection of simple patient education materials that have been used by Medi-Cal managed health plans throughout the state to promote healthy eating and physical activity.

Overweight and Obesity Provider Toolkits

In collaboration with the California Association of Health Plans (CAHP), physicians and other health care provider organizations, the California Medical Association Foundation has created provider toolkits addressing the prevention and early identification of overweight and obesity and weight management education. Individual toolkits are developed for adults and adolescent/pediatric patient populations including a variety of informational resources and tools.

Power Point Presentations
The following presentations can be downloaded and used in community presentations or for general reference.
School Presentation: Illustrates how obesity has grown in the United States since 1985, describes what factors most contribute to obesity in adolescents, and details how students can impact the health of themselves, their school and their community.
Community Presentation: Describes the obesity epidemic, organized medicine’s response, and what roles physicians may play in obesity education and prevention.
Colleague Recruitment Presentation, by Dexter Louie, MD: Outlines physician’s interest and responsibility in reversing the obesity epidemic.
Portion Distortion: Illustrates how foods have “super sized” over time, and the amount of physical activity needed to work off the extra calories consumed in the large portions of every day foods.
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Provides prevalence rates of obesity in the United States, 1984-2004. The graphic maps illustrate the rise in obesity rates in each state over 20 years.


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