The purpose of the CMA Foundation’s Obesity Prevention Project is to reduce the prevalence of overweight and obesity in children and their families. The project also addresses obesity related diseases, such as Diabetes. The Obesity Prevention Project will carry out its purpose by giving physicians access to and assistance with:

  • Education and Community Outreach
  • Policy Advocacy
  • Provider Resources
  • Models for Coordinated Team Care within the Practice setting

Obesity Provider Toolkits

The odds seem stacked against us, our children, our families and our communities in the battle against obesity. As a nation, we are more overweight than ever before, leading to higher rates of many chronic disease, disability, and premature death. Our children are poised to be the first generation to have shorter life spans than their parents. At the same time, physical education in our schools is on the decline; the supply of fresh fruits and vegetables is insufficient in many neighborhoods, and technology has helped to create a sedentary society. In fact, physical activity is simply not a priority for the majority of U.S. residents --and it shows.

Education is a critical first step for all of us to be able to care for the health of our families and communities. The impact of poor diet and physical inactivity on the increase of overweight and obesity across the United States makes education even more important today. In order to reverse this trend, every organization that can add its voice to these efforts must do so. This need has provided the stimulus for the CMA Foundation to create programs to partner with physicians and health systems to reverse this trend.

Through diverse partnerships with businesses, government, health plans, community organizations and others, the CMA Foundation will utilize physicians’ expertise and credibility to maximize their impact on the obesity epidemic.

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