Member Organizations

Member Organizations

American Association of Cardiologists of Indian Origin

American Association Physicians of Indian Origin, Northern California

American Russian Medical Association

Armenian American Medical Society, California

Association of American Indian Physicians

Association of Black Cardiologists

Association of Black Women Physicians

Bangladesh Medical Association North America, West Region

California Latino Medical Association


  •  San Diego
  •  Fresno

Chinese American Physicians' Society

Chinese Community Health Care Association

Ethnic Medical Organizations Ventura County Medical Association

Golden State Medical Association


  • Capital Medical Society
  •  Charles Drew Medical Society
  •  Daniel Hale Williams Medical Forum
  •  James Wesley Vines Jr. MD
  •  Sinkler-Miller Medical Association
  •  Stockton Chapter

Hispanic American Allergy, Asthma and Immunization Association

Indian Medical Association


  •  Greater Los Angeles
  •  Southern California

Korean American Medical Association Southern California

Latino Physicians of California

Miller-Lawrence Medical & Dental Society

Minority Health Institute

National Medical Association San Diego Society

North American Taiwanese Medical Association Southern California

Peruvian American Medical Society, Southern California Chapter

Philippine Medical Association,


  •  Northern California
  •  Southern California

Sacramento Latino Medical Association

San Diego Association of Physicians of Indian Origin

South Asian Physician Network Association

Vietnamese Physicians Association


  •  Northern California
  •  San Diego
  •  Southern California

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