Background & History

The Alliance Working for Antibiotic Resistance Education (AWARE) was initiated by the CMA Foundation in 2000, as a long-term statewide effort to promote the appropriate use of antibiotics.  Physician organizations, healthcare providers, health systems, health plans, public health agencies, consumer and community based organizations, federal, state and local government representatives and the pharmaceutical industry have all worked to achieve the mission and goals of this project

Project Mission

Reduce the unnecessary use of antibiotics and reduce the prevalence of antibiotic resistant bacteria in California.

Project Goals

  • Increase appropriate prescribing of antibiotics. 
  • Raise consumer awareness and understanding regarding the appropriate use of antibiotics.
  • Mobilize the community to reduce the unnecessary use of antibiotics


The  AWARE program uses numerous methods to reduce unnecessary antibiotic use. Each year an expert clinical work group meets to develop timely educational materials regarding appropriate antibiotic use for adult and pediatric care.  These tools, known as the AWARE Toolkit, are available in English and Spanish. The CMA  Foundation  mails these Toolkit materials to high-prescribing physicians to promote adherence to appropriate prescribing guidelines. The full version of the AWARE Toolkit is available for free under Resources and an abbreviated  version is available on the iTunes App Store and on Google Play. 

If  you are interested in receiving a print copy of the AWARE Toolkit  contact the CMA Foundation at (916)779-6620 or at


  • 2007: AWARE began producing the annual cold/flu AWARE Toolkit 
  • 2008: AWARE developed a Promotora pilot program to raise antibiotic awareness in the Latino community
  • 2010: AWARE collaborated with the Girl Scouts Heart of Central California to create a Community Health Patch on the topic of influenza prevention and management 
  • 2012:  Recognized by the New England Health Institute as one of six best care practices, in “A Health Care Leader’s Guide to High Value Health Care”, a part of its Bend the Curve campaign to reduce wasteful healthcare spending. AWARE was also highlighted at NEHI’s Sacramento Forum on Bend the Curve innovations. 
  • 2012: The CMA Foundation was recognized by the CDC as having played a significant role in the reduction of antibiotic use in California. At the request of the CDC, the CMA Foundation developed guidelines to train community-based organizations and public health organizations about how to work with health plans.
  • 2014: AWARE releases AWARE Toolkit mobile application


  • 2002: Best of Blue Award; Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association co-awarded AWARE and Blue Shield of California for Best Practice in Partnerships
  • 2004: CDC Award for Innovation in Appropriate Antibiotic Use Programs in the Community (CDC Get Smart: Know When Antibiotics Work)   

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