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Climate Change Linked to Chronic Kidney Disease

Researchers from University of Colorado recently published an assessment outlining a link between climate change and chronic kidney disease (CKD). There have recently been epidemics of CKD in hot rural regions of the world, including the Americas, Southeast Asia, Africa and the Middle East. This paper reviewed existing literature to make a case for heat stress nephropathy, a type of CKD caused by recurrent exposure to high temperatures and inadequate hydration, hence the link to climate change. Heat stress nephropathy is distinct from that caused by hypertension, diabetes or Glomerulonephritis. The results of the review found higher levels of ...

Climate Change and Health Champions Spread Word in San Diego

To celebrate Earth Day, Dr. Praveen Buddiga, of, and Dr. Katrina Peters, of Golden State Medical Association wrote an Op-ed article about climate change and health that was published by The San Diego Union Tribune. The article provides details about how our climate is changing, how climate change affects health and what “no-regrets” actions can be taken to reduce climate change risks. Read Dr. Buddiga and Dr. Peters article in print on April 22, 2016 or here: Dr. Buddiga and Dr. Peters are Climate Change and Health Champions, a collection of physicians who are working with the ...

WHO Provides Connection between Environmental Health and Personal Health

As a part of an effort to underscore the impact of theoretical issues, such as climate change and pollution, on personal health, the World Health Organization (WHO) has released a report detailing the number of deaths that can be attributed to living or working in an unhealthy environment. The WHO report indicates that nearly one in four of all deaths globally can be attributed to living or working in an unhealthy environment. Pollution-related illnesses and deaths adversely affect children and the elderly, as well as citizens of low- or middle-income countries that serve as manufacturing hubs. Nearly two-thirds of ...

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