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March 18th - California Quality Collaborative Healthcare Symposium

Coming March 18th!

CQC is pleased to present a half-day discussion and interactive event focused on the intersection of social determinants of health (SDOH) and quality improvement. Dr. Rishi Manchanda, Medical Director and physician keynotes this event, setting the stage as to the definition, role and importance of SDOH. Next, a healthcare leader from an integrated health system in Northern California will speak about a project in using data to address SDOH. Then, Dr. Manchanda will illustrate the connection between quality improvement and SDOH, presenting available tools, resources and databases for audience members to take away practical application.

Megan O’Brien, MA from Health Outreach Partners will then address how to form and foster collaborative partnerships among multiple stakeholders – including clinics, health plans and medical groups.

Join us for this forward-thinking event meant to stimulate conversation, provide a primer in topic at hand and inspire attendees with an array of conceptual and practical information.

Register today!

Questions? Contact Jen Burstedt | | (415) 615-6306

Who Should Attend?

  • Ø  Medical Directors
  • Ø  Quality Improvement Directors, leaders & professionals seeking to keep informed of trends affecting quality improvement
  • Ø  Clinicians who would like to learn about social determinants of health are encouraged to attend, including:
    • Medicine
    • Nursing
    • Social work
    • Clinician support

Symposium Agenda

9:30 AM         Breakfast & Networking

10:00 AM       Welcome: CQC

10:10 AM       Part I: What Are Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) and How is It Being Used in Population Health Management? - Dr. Rishi Manchanda

11:00 AM       Part II: Quality Improvement & SDOH – Resources, Databases & Tools - Dr. Rishi Manchanda

12:00 PM       Lunch & Networking          

1:00 PM         Part III: Case Study of SDOH with High-Utilizers  - Healthcare Leader with high utilizer project experience

1:30 PM         Part IV: Community Partnerships – Health Outreach Partners

2:00 PM         Break

2:15 PM         Panel Discussion

3:00 PM         Summary and Wrap Up (ending at 3:30 PM)


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