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CMA Foundation recruiting LA-based practices for pneumococcal vaccination effort

The CMA Foundation was recently awarded funding for a 9-month project to increase the rate of pneumococcal vaccination among ethnic minority and low income adult populations in Los Angeles County.


While pneumococcal vaccination coverage rates in California are close to national rates, coverage rates in LA County are much lower, especially among communities of color and low income populations. Between 2009 and 2014, black residents in LA were over 50% more likely than white residents to experience an incidence of invasive pneumococcal disease (IPD).


The CMA Foundation and NEPO are currently recruiting 10 primary care practices in LA County to participate in this 9-month project. A $4,000 stipend will be provided to each participating practice. Priority will be given to practices located in areas that primarily serve ethnic communities and low-income communities, such as the South LA and Metro LA areas.


Practice commitments for this 9-month project include:

·         In-person attendance by 3 members of the practice’s healthcare team at 3 Live Learning Sessions to be held in Los Angeles;

·         Engagement in quarterly phone coaching sessions;

·         Capability to use Electronic Health Records (EHR) for reporting;

·         Actively participate in ongoing evaluation to assess change in immunization rates.


If your practice is interested in participating, please complete this survey by July 25, 2016 to determine your eligibility.


Please contact Veronica Mijic at 916-779-6624 or with questions.

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