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New Antibiotic Guidelines Reflect AWARE Toolkit Recommendations

New recommendations regarding the appropriate use of antibiotics for acute respiratory tract infections in healthy adults were released last month by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the American College of Physicians.

The clinical recommendations given in the new guidelines mirror those found in the AWARE Acute Infection Guideline Summary for Adults, including not prescribing antibiotics when patients present with:

·         Nonspecific upper respiratory infections or bronchitis, unless there is a history of chronic bronchitis or other co-morbid conditions;

·         Pharyngitis without a confirmation of the Streptococcal bacteria;

·         Sinusitis, unless the symptoms last more than 10 days, present with high fever, nasal discharge, and facial pain for more than three consecutive days or following a typical upper respiratory infection that was initially improving;

·         The common cold.

These ailments account for millions of hospital visits each year, by reducing the unnecessary antibiotic prescribing, the prevalence of antibiotic-related adverse events and the growth of antibiotic resistant “super bugs” can be drastically reduced.

For more information on AWARE and for access to free physician and patient resources, including the AWARE Acute Infection Guideline Summary for Adults, visit

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