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Keeping Current with Community Immunity

The Adult Vaccine Schedule (English) has been updated to reflect the latest changes in the CDC guidelines regarding immunization. This schedule, a part of the CMA Foundation’s Community Immunity initiative, provides adults with detailed information on vaccine-preventable diseases, their symptoms, and long-term risks, and makes vaccine recommendations for adults based on age, dosage, and vaccine type. According to the CDC, overall adult vaccine coverage remains low for many routinely recommended vaccines. The Community Immunity initiative aims to raise coverage through educational outreach, such as through the vaccine schedule.   The most recent updates to the schedule include: ·         Addition of the Meningococcal ...

LA County Public Health Department reminds us to “Choose Health” when eating out.

The Los Angeles County Public Health Department has launched the Healthy Eating Out ad campaign as a part of their obesity prevention initiative, Choose Health LA.  purpose of this campaign is to educate families on how to make healthier choices when eating at all restaurants, not just fast food, by encouraging people to opt for smaller portion sizes and healthier drink and side options. The ads will run until mid-March on Los Angeles public transit, on the radio and on social media. Versions of the ads will be published in English, Spanish, Korean, Mandarin and Cantonese. For more information on the ...

New Antibiotic Guidelines Reflect AWARE Toolkit Recommendations

New recommendations regarding the appropriate use of antibiotics for acute respiratory tract infections in healthy adults were released last month by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the American College of Physicians. The clinical recommendations given in the new guidelines mirror those found in the AWARE Acute Infection Guideline Summary for Adults, including not prescribing antibiotics when patients present with: ·         Nonspecific upper respiratory infections or bronchitis, unless there is a history of chronic bronchitis or other co-morbid conditions; ·         Pharyngitis without a confirmation of the Streptococcal bacteria; ·         Sinusitis, unless the symptoms last more than 10 days, present with high ...

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