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Inaugural Sacramento Black Women's Health and Wellness Conference

The inaugural Sacramento Black Women's Health and Wellness Conference (SBWHWC) is being hosted by The Encouraging Life Organization and the Juliette Health Organization on Saturday August 6th.  The event will take place from 9am to 3pm at the 4610 X Street, Sacramento,CA. Tickets to attend SBWHWC are on sale now for $25! Breakfast and lunch are included in the ticket price.  For more information on the conference visit or contact You can view the SBWHWC digital flier here!  

SAMHSA - Clinical Challenges in Opioid Prescribing: Balancing Safety and Efficacy (FREE CME COURSE)

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) is hosting a free CME course on opioid prescribing on July 11, 2016. The event will take place at the California Department of Health Care Services in Sacramento, California. Learning objectives include: ·         Describing the nature of chronic pain and its options for treatment; ·         Defining risk factors for potential misuse, abuse and diversion of prescribed opioid; medications; ·         Outlining a time-efficient method of conducting risk screening; and many more.   For more information visit:  or view the event flier available here

Climate Change Linked to Chronic Kidney Disease

Researchers from University of Colorado recently published an assessment outlining a link between climate change and chronic kidney disease (CKD). There have recently been epidemics of CKD in hot rural regions of the world, including the Americas, Southeast Asia, Africa and the Middle East. This paper reviewed existing literature to make a case for heat stress nephropathy, a type of CKD caused by recurrent exposure to high temperatures and inadequate hydration, hence the link to climate change. Heat stress nephropathy is distinct from that caused by hypertension, diabetes or Glomerulonephritis. The results of the review found higher levels of ...

New California Tobacco Regulations Signed Into Law By Governor Brown

On Wednesday May 4th Governor Jerry Brown signed a series of tobacco controls bills into California law. The bills will result in numerous changes to California’s tobacco regulations, including: ·         Increasing the age of purchase for tobacco from 18 to 21, unless presented with a military ID; ·         Requiring all schools to be tobacco free; ·         Establishing a tobacco licensing fee program under the Board of Equalization; and, ·         Classifying electronic cigarettes as tobacco products. California is the second state, after Hawaii, to raise the minimum legal age for the purchase of cigarettes and tobacco products to 21. An Institute of Medicine report ...

White House Takes Steps to Address Opioid Crisis

The White House announced a packet of initiatives on Tuesday, March 29th designed to address the high rates of opioid addiction and opioid overdose deaths in the United States and to expand access to addiction treatment services. One of the major aspects of this effort is the expansion of medication-assisted treatment for opioid addiction. Approximately 30,000 physicians nationwide are currently authorized to treat patients with buprenorphine, which is used in conjunction with behavioral treatment to manage recovery and ease withdrawal. Physicians are limited to treating 100 patients with the drug at any given time, but the White House is ...

WHO Provides Connection between Environmental Health and Personal Health

As a part of an effort to underscore the impact of theoretical issues, such as climate change and pollution, on personal health, the World Health Organization (WHO) has released a report detailing the number of deaths that can be attributed to living or working in an unhealthy environment. The WHO report indicates that nearly one in four of all deaths globally can be attributed to living or working in an unhealthy environment. Pollution-related illnesses and deaths adversely affect children and the elderly, as well as citizens of low- or middle-income countries that serve as manufacturing hubs. Nearly two-thirds of ...

AMA-International Medical Graduates 20th Anniversary Symposium

    The American Medical Association is hosting a special networking and educational event titled IMG contributions to American medicine: What they give back to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the AMA-IMGS Caucus. The event will have many dynamic speakers who will illustrate the many ways international medical graduates have contributed to medicine and our physician community.   For more information visit: or view the event flier available here  
Orange County Needle Exchange Program Makes an Impactful Debut

Orange County Needle Exchange Program Makes an Impactful Debut

The Orange County Needle Exchange Program (OCNEP) opened for the first time on Saturday, February 20th after obtaining state certification as an authorized syringe exchange program. OCNEP is a two-time Medical Student Community Leadership Grant recipient, created after a group of student from UC Irvine realized that Orange County was the most populous county in California without a needle exchange. The purpose of this 501(c)3 non-profit is to prevent disease and improve public health and safety by disposing of dirty needles, providing on-site HIV and Hepatitis C testing, and providing referrals to health, housing and treatment facilities. During their first ...

Keeping Current with Community Immunity

The Adult Vaccine Schedule (English) has been updated to reflect the latest changes in the CDC guidelines regarding immunization. This schedule, a part of the CMA Foundation’s Community Immunity initiative, provides adults with detailed information on vaccine-preventable diseases, their symptoms, and long-term risks, and makes vaccine recommendations for adults based on age, dosage, and vaccine type. According to the CDC, overall adult vaccine coverage remains low for many routinely recommended vaccines. The Community Immunity initiative aims to raise coverage through educational outreach, such as through the vaccine schedule.   The most recent updates to the schedule include: ·         Addition of the Meningococcal ...

LA County Public Health Department reminds us to “Choose Health” when eating out.

The Los Angeles County Public Health Department has launched the Healthy Eating Out ad campaign as a part of their obesity prevention initiative, Choose Health LA.  purpose of this campaign is to educate families on how to make healthier choices when eating at all restaurants, not just fast food, by encouraging people to opt for smaller portion sizes and healthier drink and side options. The ads will run until mid-March on Los Angeles public transit, on the radio and on social media. Versions of the ads will be published in English, Spanish, Korean, Mandarin and Cantonese. For more information on the ...

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