Individual Donors

Individual Donors

Patron Donors - $5,000 and above
William Carlson, MD

Champion Donors - $2,500 to $4,999
David Aizuss, MD
Dustin Corcoran
DiMare, Brown, Hicks & Kessler, LLC
Devon Glazer, DPM
Margaret Juarez, MD
Randy Perry
Yudhvir & Seema Sidhu, MD
Robert Wailes, MD

Leadership Circle - $1,000 to $2,499
Michelle Caughey, MD
Jay Crosson, MD
Dev Ganadev, MD
Anupam Gupta, MD
Jay Hansen
James T. Hay, MD
David Holley, MD
Jay Joseph, MD
Daniel MaKieve, MD & Kristy Bird
Dexter Louie, MD
Lance and Shanda Lewis
Ted Mazer, MD
John Nelson, MD
Ralph & Bonnie Ocampo, MD
Tanya Spirtos, MD

Friends of CMA Foundation & Friends of NEPO
- $500 to $999
Steven Haddy, MD
Sabir Khan, MD
Ellen Ko, MD
Marie Kuffner
George Paz, MD
Henry Parea
Lee Snook, MD
Satinder Swaroop, MD

Other Donors
John Abordo, DPM
Karrar Ali, DO
Ron Allison, MD
Carla F Andrews, In the Memory of Neil Andrews, MD
Laura Braden-Quigley
Michelle Chapanian
Lawrence Cheung, MD
Harrison Chow, MD
Michael Corcoran
Michael Cornelison, MD
Alexander Ding, MD
Roberta Doucet, MD
Adam Dougherty, MD
Brad Drexler, MD
Thomas Elardo, DPM
Sergio Flores, MD
Lawrence Frank, MD
Robert Gould, MD
Steven Haddy, MD
Lei Han, MD
William & Eileen Hennrikus, MD
Adam Howard, DPM
Jon Hultman, DPM
Marvin Kaplan, MD
David Kim, MD
Diane Koshimune, DPM
Robert Nied, MD
Felix Nunez, MD
William Parks, MD
David Perrott, MD
Kevin Rossi, MD
Javier Saenz, MD
Dustin Shaver
Francisco Silva
Shannon Smith-Crowley
Shannon Udovic, MD
Rosaline Vasquez, MD
Sara J. Whitehead, MD
Brian Wolk, MD
Andrew Wong, MD
Paul Yost, MD

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